February 24, 2018

Asahi Shimbun: Japan design Izumo-class to operate STOVL fighters

Anonymous former Japan former Maritime Self-Defense Force officials told the Asahi Shimbun that the Izumo-class helicopter destroyers were design to operate short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) fighters from the beginning.

John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) aircraft carrier 70% structurally complete

Horrific moment mortar fired by rebels killed 3 schoolchildren in Syria

Japan-US Anti-ballistic Drills - Chinese Media

Secret SpaceX satellites: Musk seals years-long mission to place Starlink in orbit (VIDEO)

US Marine wondering if he is going to eat a bat or a dog during Thai-US Cobra Gold 2018 Exercises

February 23, 2018

Indo-France Joint Exercise 2018

German Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Global terrorist money-laundering watchdog has decided to place Pakistan back on its terrorist financing watchlist

 A global money-laundering watchdog has decided to place Pakistan back on its terrorist financing watchlist, a government official and a diplomat said on Friday, in a likely blow to Pakistan’s economy and its strained relations with the United States.

The move is part of a broader U.S. strategy to pressure Pakistan to cut alleged links to Islamist militants unleashing chaos in neighboring Afghanistan and backing attacks in India.

It comes days after reports that Pakistan had been given a three-month reprieve before being placed on the list, which could hamper banking and hurt foreign investment.

The United States has spent the past week lobbying member countries of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to place Pakistan on a so-called grey list of nations that are not doing enough to combat terrorism financing.

Pakistan had launched last-minute efforts to avoid being placed on the list, such as taking over charities linked to a powerful Islamist figure.

But the campaign proved insufficient and the group decided late on Thursday that Pakistan would be put back on the watchlist, a senior Pakistani official and a diplomat with knowledge of the latest FATF discussions told Reuters.

“The decision was taken yesterday. The chair (of FATF) is expected to make a statement some time this afternoon in Paris,” the diplomat said.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesman declined to confirm or deny the news at a regular news briefing on Friday, saying the FATF would make an announcement on its website.

“Let the things come out, and then we can comment on the U.S.-Pakistan relationship,” spokesman Mohammad Faisal said.

Pakistan was on the list for three years until 2015.

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels execute Kurdish civilian after stealing his tractor in Afrin

Boeing-USAF KC-46 is a “Game-changer for warfighters,” says Commander

Indian Army destroyed a Pakistani post opposite Balnoi sub sector who were pushing terrorists

U.S. Army trains Nigerian Infantry: Clearing an obstacle

February 22, 2018

Successful F 35 Drag Chute Test In Norway

Vietnam gives us a rare look at 3M54E Klub (SS-N-27B Sizzler) AShM

Barak-8 Naval

Kuwait cleared to buy four King Air 350ER ISR aircraft

The Trump administration has cleared the sale of four King Air 350ER Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft to Kuwait.


2 Su-57s deployed to Syria

Train with the Nigerian Army

February 21, 2018

USAF KC-46 refuels an F/A-18 and also F 16

Striped Rafale

Model X pulling semi trailer

Pro-Syrian Govt forces enter Afrin, Turkey says don't get involved

The US secret rocket

Watch RNoAF F-35A deploying its drag chute

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has tested the F-35’s drag chute in the country for the first time.

USAF F-16 forced to jettison drop tanks over lake in Japan

A U.S Air Force F-16 assigned to the 35th Fighter Wing suffered an engine fire during take-off from Misawa Air Base, Japan on Feb. 20.

AACUS is a finalist for 2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy

The Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS) being developed by the U.S. Office of Naval Research has been selected as one of its finalists for the 2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy.

Russian Navy Su-30s practice aerial refueling for the first time

Russian Navy Su-30SM pilots have practice the art of aerial refueling for the first time at Naval Air Force Combat Employment and Retraining Center in Yeysk.

February 19, 2018

Egypt- MoD footage from ongoing Operation Sinai 2018

Australian Industry Proves World Beater, Smashing $1BN Milestone for Superjet

The Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced that Australian industry has been collectively awarded over $1 billion in production for the F-35 program.

The strength of Australia’s defence industry has made it a significant and crucial contributor to the program which will support up to 5000 Australian jobs by 2023.

“More than 50 Australian companies directly shared in the production contracts to date, with many more indirectly benefiting through supply chain work,” Minister Pyne said.

“Australian industry continues to prove its global competitiveness by performing better than initial forecasts, with Australian industry involvement expected to exceed $2 billion by 2023.”

“The journey of Australian industry’s involvement in the global F-35 Program has been one of great success and long-term economic opportunity for Australia.

In 2016 the Joint Strike Fighter program supported more than 2400 jobs across Australia, which is set to grow to 5000 by 2023.

“Further opportunities are expected for Australian companies to increase production contract values over the next four years as F-35 production rates more than double.

“Australian industry is manufacturing parts that will be fitted to every F-35 aircraft in production across the globe.

“Australian success in the Joint Strike Fighter program isn’t limited to manufacturing parts. Australian industry has also been chosen as the maintenance hub for the engines, airframes and 64 of 65 components which have been assigned by the Joint Project Office.

“When I travel to the U.S. in April I will be arguing for more work for Australia, we have the capability and we deserve the work,” Minister Pyne said.

In a major milestone for the Australian F-35A Project, the first Australian-made Vertical Tail – produced by Victorian-based company Marand – was fitted to Australia’s third F-35A aircraft as it neared completion at Lockheed Martin’s production facility in Fort Worth, Texas, in August 2017.

The stealthy, advanced F-35A represents a significant change in capabilities and will give Australia an edge against the emergence regionally of advanced capabilities.

The first two Australian F-35A aircraft are scheduled to arrive for permanent basing at RAAF Base Williamtown, New South Wales, in December.

By the time of Final Operating Capability, expected in December 2023, Australia will have a training squadron and three operational squadrons comprising 72 aircraft.

Australian Navy HMAS Hobart First of Class Trials

HMAS Hobart has achieved a number of firsts for her class and the Royal Australian Navy over the past several weeks off the east coast of Australia.

Hobart successfully tested her 20mm Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) against an inflatable surface target, marking the first ever time an Australian warship has fired a CIWS capable of striking air and surface targets.

The ship’s five-inch main gun was tested against a towed target from varying distances and directions in an early morning naval gunfire exercise.

Two practice delivery torpedoes were also fired from the port and starboard tubes with both torpedoes recovered for analysis by Navy’s Surface Forces branch.

Test Director Lieutenant Commander David Small of Surface Forces oversaw the program of firing serials and said they would help prove the true capabilities of Australia’s newest warships.

“First-of-class trials set a baseline for the performance of a new class of ship”, he said.

Footage of the moment when the Turkish patrol boat rammed the Greek Coast Guard late on Monday

German people in Halberstadt scream: "We are the people" & "Merkel must go"

Watch test-firing of Tor-M2DT

The Tor-M2DT air defense missile system has been successfully test-fired and a video of the testing has been made available online.

371st Sustainment Brigade Moves Armored Vehicles

Russia MOD - Special Forces Tiger 4X4 Armoured Vehicle Remote Weapon Station Live Firing

February 18, 2018

Turkish army sends modernized M60T "Firat" tanks to Afrin front against YPG

British Army A Company, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment training to survive and fight in the jungle on Ex Mayan Warrior in Belize

Chinese naval training activity in Indian Ocean 2018

French Navy Rafale

F/A-18 And EA-18 Takeoffs - USS Theodore Roosevelt

The use of missile and artillery weapons at the Luga test site

HMS Ocean sold to Brazil

The British government has sold the Royal Navy’s helicopter carrier HMS Ocean to Brazil for $117 million.

Two Su-35s to arrive in Indonesia in October

A senior Indonesian military officer confirmed to Arab News that two Su-35s will arrive in the country this October for the armed forces day parade on Oct. 5.

USAF to retire MQ-1 on Mar. 9

The U.S. Air Force has decided that the MQ-1 unmanned aerial vehicle will be retired from operational service on Mar. 9 at Creech Air Force Base.

February 17, 2018

Australian Army took the wraps off some of its Blackhawk helicopters, as they flew through the city and Harbour

Bell V 280, first U S Army pilot flight at the Bell Flight Test Facility in Amarillo, TX

Pakistan scrambles to avoid terror financing watch list


Pakistan is scrambling to steer clear of a global watch list for terrorism financing, the latest U.S. pressure tactic to get its difficult ally to crack down on militants crossing the border to fight in Afghanistan.

The Trump administration already has suspended security money to Pakistan and imposed sanctions on Pakistan-linked militants. Its latest campaign, backed by several European nations, is to add the South Asian nation to a watch list of the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force, an intergovernmental organization that combats money laundering and terrorist financing.

Pakistan was on the list from 2012 to 2015. With new signs that its economy is entering choppy waters, the return of the designation could further deter foreign investment and hurt Pakistan's access to international financial markets.

In a pre-emptive move, the Pakistanis on Wednesday began seizing assets and funds belonging to Islamic charities linked to a radical cleric, Hafiz Saeed. He was freed by Pakistani authorities in November on a court order, but the U.S. has a $10 million reward on his head.

Pakistan has also amended a decades-old anti-terrorism law to allow authorities to act against outlawed charities, groups or individuals blacklisted by the U.N. Security Council.

"This suggests that Islamabad recognizes the very real negative economic consequences of getting put on the watch list," said Michael Kugelman, a senior associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington. "It's a reputational blow when it happens, and banks and investors get nervous."

Pakistan has taken other action, including seizing assets of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Falah-e-Insaniat charities, which the U.S. has accused of having terror links. But Kugelman said he doubted Pakistan would undertake bigger changes to address American concerns over long-standing links to Taliban fighting the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan.

"Pakistan has quite rigid interests that entail maintaining ties to the terrorists that Washington wants it to turn over or eliminate. So it won't go out and sever all ties to terror groups on Pakistani soil or shut down all their facilities," he said.

Pakistan's cooperation is seen as key to the success of Trump's Afghanistan policy, unveiled last summer, to turn around the 17-year war. Trump has accused of Pakistan of "lies and deceit" by providing sanctuary to militants, which Pakistan denies. The U.S. has suspended at least $1.2 billion in security assistance, plunging relations to perhaps their lowest point since Osama bin Laden's killing by U.S. commandos near a Pakistani garrison in 2011.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal charged that the move to put Pakistan on the FATF watch list was politically motivated to hamper the nation's economic progress. He said the U.S. and Britain submitted a letter to the FATF on Jan. 20 seeking that downgrade even as Pakistan's efforts to enforce sanctions on terror groups were still being assessed. France and Germany also advocate putting Pakistan on the watch list, he said.

The State Department said the FATF would determine "appropriate next steps regarding Pakistan" at a plenary session next week but declined to specify any action the U.S. is proposing.

Daniel Markey, a South Asia expert at the School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University said the downgrade would be primarily symbolic, demonstrating the Trump administration's intent to ratchet up the pressure.

"It suggests that more serious moves could be coming," Markey said, noting the U.S. could exercise similar pressure if Pakistan seeks a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. That's a possible scenario after national elections in July because of Pakistan's widening current account deficit and an overvalued currency.

Crews training on Russian A-50U VKS RF aircraft

Factory tests of MiG-35 multipurpose fighter have been completed

Dutch Airforce F35 Planes Fly Over Death Valley USA

PLAN warships conduct underway replenishment in the East Indian Ocean

i.e. PLAN ready for Maldives action

Turkish Army commits war crimes in Afrîn. This video (2016) shows typical criminal executions in #Turkey by NATO soldiers

Turkish military training aircraft crashes in Izmir province, 2 pilots dead

A military plane has crashed in Izmir province, western Turkey, during a training flight, the Turkish Armed Forces said in a statement. Both pilots were killed in the accident.The SF-260D training plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Cigli Airbase at around 11am local time Friday, statement says, as cited by Hurriet. Fire brigades, ambulances, as well as search and rescue teams were immediately sent to the crash scene.

Debris from the aircraft was reportedly found some 3km north of the military facility. The cause of the fatal crash is currently being investigated.

The jet crashed in deserted area of Tuzcullu Mahallesi in Menemen county, Haber Turk reports.

The SF-260 is an Italian-designed two-seat light aircraft largely used by military as a trainer and light combat aircraft.

Last month, three people died in another accident with a Turkish military training aircraft – a CASA CN-235 – in the country’s southern Isparta Province.

February 16, 2018

Naela Chohan , The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Australia involved in CHILD ABUSE in Canberra

Kashmiri kid being exploited by High Commissioner of Pakistan in Australia who is also involved in Human Trafficking


Russian military use mines to play ice games

YPG ATGM target and obliterate a military vehicle belonging to the invading Turkish-backed jihadists in Afrin

Turkish Army Fail - 120-mm artillery piece blew up in main gun of Leopard-2A tank in the Afrin area

Exercise Native Fury 2018

Engine component suspected in RAAF EA-18G incident

Royal Australian Air Force Group Capt. Tim Alsop told Las Vegas Review-Journal that “a particular component failure” on one of the engines of a EA-18G had a role to play in the fire at Nellis Air Force Base on Jan. 27.

Indonesia inks contract for 11 Su-35s

Indonesia has finally sign the contract to buy 11 Su-35 fighters from Russia, Interfax reports.

Russian prepare for Yars rocket launchers

Royal Australian Air Force Second flight of life-saving equipment arrives in Tonga

First claimed images of Iraq T-90MS in country, recently delivered from Russia

February 15, 2018

Su-30MKM Royal Malaysian Air Force making a cobra maneuver

A Greek and a rogue Turkish Navy ship almost collide with one another over a territory dispute

Turkey and Erdoclown starting trouble with all its neighbors

U-2 pilots getting Garmin D2 Charlie Aviator Watch

The U.S. Air Force has decided to buy 100 Garmin D2 Charlie Aviator Watches for its U-2 pilots, Garmin announced on Feb. 14.

Pakistani Rawalpindi Corps Commander Lt Gen Nadeem Raza orders firing to support infiltration at Indian LoC

Lt Gen Nadeem Raza at Neelum valley

MU90 Lightweight Torpedo - Naval Group

Iraqi MiG-25 Foxbat Engagement Over Iran(1986)

Portuguese Air Force Hosts Live-Fly Exercise

Best gym workout machines in the Gulf region on French Leclerc MBTs based in UAE

Royal Australian Air Force to Test Skills in Exercise Cope North 2018

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) members will deploy to Guam to participate in Exercise Cope North 18, held from 10 February–2 March 2018.

Exercise Cope North is an annual high-end air combat and humanitarian assistance exercise.

Up to twelve F/A-18A Hornets from RAAF Base Williamtown No. 77 Squadron will participate in Exercise Cope North, operating alongside aircraft from the United States and Japan.

The Exercise aims to develop and improve combat readiness, humanitarian assistance procedures and increase the interoperability between the United States, Australia and Japan.

The focus of the exercise will be the deployment and redeployment of combat support capabilities and the conduct of aeromedical evacuation, security forces and airfield operations.

Australian Commander for the Exercise, Group Captain Ben Sleeman, said there are great opportunities to gain from Cope North.
“This is the seventh year Australia has participated in the Exercise and every year we gain a further appreciation of how our equipment, aircraft and personnel operate together in this environment,” Group Captain Sleeman said.

“A C-27J Spartan aircraft from RAAF Base Richmond will also deploy for the first time on Exercise Cope North as part of the humanitarian assistance scenario, and will provide aeromedical evacuation and air logistics support from Guam.

“Cope North gives us the opportunity to validate the effectiveness of our new platforms such as the C-27J Spartan in complex scenarios, as well as the training of its crew,” Group Captain Sleeman said.

In addition, a Combat Support element and Aeromedical Evacuation team will deploy to enhance interoperability.

Exercise Cope North is held at Andersen Air Force base on Guam and hosted by the United States Pacific Air Forces.

Joint Special Operation Forces Maritime exercise Aff’aa Al Sahil being held at Karachi between Pakistan Navy (PN-SOF) and Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF-SOF) have concluded

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