April 27, 2017

Chinese Kilo 636M class submarine launched anti-ship missiles

 People's Republic of China366Yuan Zheng 66 HaoSaint Petersburg63616 July 199626 April 199726 August 1997active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China367Yuan Zheng 67 HaoSaint Petersburg63628 August 199718 June 199825 October 1998active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China368Yuan Zheng 68 HaoSaint Petersburg636M18 October 200227 May 200420 October 2004active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China369Yuan Zheng 69 HaoSaint Petersburg636M18 October 200219 August 20042005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China370Yuan Zheng 70 HaoSaint Petersburg636M2004May 20052005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China371Yuan Zheng 71 HaoSaint Petersburg636M200420052005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China372Yuan Zheng 72 HaoSaint Petersburg636M200520052006active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China373Yuan Zheng 73 HaoNizhniy Novgorod636MJuly 19928 May 20045 August 2005active as of 2007
 People's Republic of China374Yuan Zheng 74 HaoSeverodvinsk636M29 May 200321 May 200530 December 2005active as of 2006
 People's Republic of China375Yuan Zheng 75 HaoSeverodvinsk636M29 May 200314 July 200530 December 2005active as of 2006

Indian Air Force's 221 Squadron 'Valiants' at Halwara, Punjab gets brand new bird -- the Su-30 MKI

China launches first domestic aircraft carrier

Maiden flight of Sino-Pak JF-17 two-seat fighter trainer first flight

New paint scheme of the Rafale Solo Display 2017

Marine Le Pen's beautiful victory speech. She has momentum, the people love her

Islamic State Releases Pictures Of Suicide Bombers Who Attacks On Police On The Road Between Ayn Al-Faras and Tikrit

Twin TOW Missiles Send Troops Flying In Syria

Coachella Shooting Star Drones Light Show | Intel

Iraqi Army heroes of the 9th Armored Division killing a large number of Islamic State terrorists

F-15E Strike Eagle Cockpit Video (HD)

China Type 001A Aircraft Carrier was launched(PLAN)

April 25, 2017

Middle Eastern refugee caught pickpocketing in Germany

Indian Warships Visit Toulon, France

In continuation of the Indian Navy’s overseas deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and West Coast of Africa, three Indian warships INS Mumbai, Trishul, and Aditya, arrived at Toulon for a three day visit today. The ships were warmly received by the Administration in Toulon and the French Navy at Toulon Naval Base in coordination with the Embassy of India. The visiting ships are a part of the Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command and the Task Group is headed by Rear Admiral RB Pandit, the Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet, who is flying his flag on the guided missile destroyer, INS Mumbai.

On completion of the visit at Toulon, bilateral exercise Varuna between the Indian Navy and the French Navy is scheduled from 24 to 30 Apr 17. The VARUNA series of exercises began in 2000 and have grown into an institutionalised form of interaction between the two navies. The last VARUNA exercise was held off the Indian coast.

The current visit seeks to underscore India’s peaceful presence and solidarity with friendly and like minded countries towards ensuring good order in the maritime domain and to strengthen the existing bonds between India and France. The visit of Vice Admiral Girish Luthra, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Naval Command to France, coinciding with the visit of the IN ships to France and conduct of Exercise VARUNA, amply demonstrate the Indian Navy’s engagement with the French Navy.

The FOC-in-C West is scheduled to visit the French frigate FNS Auvergne, a French Nuclear Submarine Unit, as well as an Underwater Weapons Facility. He would also call on senior official in France, including Vice Admiral Charles-Henri du Che, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Sea Area (CECMED).

Relations between India and France have traditionally been close and friendly. Defence cooperation between India and France has grown substantially in the recent past and the interaction between the Indian Navy and the French Navy has been one of the cornerstones of this framework. With the establishment of the strategic partnership in 1998, there has been significant progress in all areas of bilateral co-operation including defence, nuclear energy and space. A high level committee for defence cooperation between the two countries at the level of Defence Secretaries met in Paris in 2015. Bilateral exercises such as Garuda, Shakti and Varuna have been a regular feature between the two nations.

The IN warships will engage with the French Navy during their stay in the country and a number of professional interactions including the bilateral exercise VARUNA, sports and social engagements are planned. The visiting IN ships will host a reception onboard tomorrow. The interaction between two professional navies will go a long way in enhancing co-operation and understanding between the two. 

Syrian Army strikes Islamic State terrorists in Deir Ezzor

MiG-29 interception of the conventional enemy near Astrakhan

German Army - Sending combat helicopter Tiger to Mali to combat Islamic Terrorists

Russian Army - exercises of the Central Air Intelligence Agency, a multi-circuit reconnaissance fire system

French air Force PAF US Tour - Overflight Grand Canyon

Hezbollah destroys ISIL's HQ near Syrian border Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News

Islamic State terrorists Fail To Defend Outpost, Use SVBIED To Cover Retreat

Children Mutilated In The Name Of Islam

Marine le Pen thanks social media users

2017 Republic of Korea Armed Forces Public Service Advertisement (Combination of National, Sea, Air, Marine Corps)

April 24, 2017

Indian Navy successfully test-fired the Brahmos land attack supersonic cruise missile in the Bay of Bengal

From INS Teg

For Karachi and Gwadar ports

Bristol - Using Electric lawn mower without electricity

Chinese Air Force PLAAF aircraft L-15 Falcon trainer - Nanchang-based Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation

TNI AU Su-30MK crew saved aircraft after bird strike

A Indonesian Air Force Su-30MK suffered an inflight left engine failure after take off on Apr. 7 and the crew skillfully recovered the aircraft.

Three new F-35 fighter jets land in Israel

Islamic State Terrorist Release Pictures Showing Attack Against Kurdish Forces Near Tabqa In Raqqa

UAE Concludes Joint Military Exercise with Malaysia

A military exercise in Abu Dhabi between UAE and Malaysian ground forces, Desert Tiger 4, ended on Thursday.

The Desert Tiger series is an annual joint exercise between the two countries to highlight professionalism and efficiency of UAE Ground Forces troops and to raise their level of combat readiness.

Maj Gen Saleh Al Amiri, Commander of UAE Ground Forces, attended the military exercise along with General Dato’ Sri Zulkiple bin Hj Kassim, Malaysian army chief.

Desert Tiger 4 comes part of the UAE leadership’s continued desire to support and create distinguished partnerships between UAE and Malaysia.

Another aim is to promote mutual cooperation and achieve a common vision by sharing experiences, enhancing joint military actions, and raising the level of performance and combat efficiency.

The exercise also trains ground forces on the use of modern weapons for all types of combat operations.

The UAE Ground Forces have been drafting training plans for their personnel. The Desert Tiger 4 exercise highlighted the success of these plans, Wam said.

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